Top 3 Best Waterproof Steel Toe Work Boots for Men

Top 3 Best Waterproof Steel Toe Work Boots for Men

Not all shoes were created equal. Some were meant to look good at the opera and others were designed to kick butt. Waterproof steel-toe work boots were designed and built to kick butt. Worn by men and women who know what hard work is, a good pair of work boots must be tough enough to withstand the daily rigors thrown at them, yet they must also remain comfortable enough to not leave their respective owners feeling like they spent all day wearing a pair of waterproof steel-toe work boots. Not an easy task and not every boot is up to the challenge.

What to Look For In a Good Work Boot

  1. Toughness

Any quality work boot that comes recommended must be as tough as nails. These boots will get wet, they will get greasy and dirty, they will have tools or equipment dropped on them and otherwise abused without remorse or regret. Any proper work boot, whether steel-toed or not, must be able to not only keep your feet safe, they are expected to also hold up and weather the storm in a variety of rough and tumble ways.

  1. Proper Sole Type

As not every job requires the same tool, not everyone needs the same performance from their work boot. Everyone wants a tough boot, sure, but for those working outdoors, such as farmers, ranchers or those in construction, they might prefer a leather sole. However, though they offer superior toughness and resistance to wear, leather soles don’t have the best traction when working indoors. Some prefer to go with a rubber sole which offers superior traction, yet has a propensity to wear out. Knowing what you need your ideal work boot to do is half the battle.

  1. Steel Toe Work Boots

If you have ever had a 1200 pound horse step on your foot, or a Bobcat track run over your toe, you know the strength and comforting sense of protection steel-toes offer. The term steel-toe work boot is not some marketing ploy or misdirection. The manufacturer literally takes steel plates and weaves them into the toe of your boot. If on your job site even the slightest potential for foot injury exists, those steel-toes are definitely worth the extra scratch.

  1. Waterproof Work Boots

This is a no brainer. Rain, a busted water main or a flooded creek are no excuse. When the job has to get done, wet boots are not an excuse. The first time you have to work all day with wet socks, you will quickly learn to appreciate how simple, yet wonderful, dry feet are.

  1. Comfortable Work Boots

Most importantly, any pair of waterproof steel-toe work boots is still, at heart, a pair of shoes. Those in the market for the best pair of steel-toe work boots more than likely spend a lot of time on their feet with tools or equipment in their hands. Comfort therefore becomes critical and the only way to check a work boot’s comfort is to try it on. No need to rush, take a little time and check out a few pairs. Good work boots are not cheap, so make sure you get the set.

Timberland PRO Men’s 47001 Power Welt Waterproof 6″ Steel-Toe Boot,Brown/Brown,10.5 M

Caterpillar Men’s Diagnostic Steel-Toe Waterproof Boot,Dark Beige,8 M US

Danner Men’s Corvallis GTX 5″ PT Boot,Brown,11 EE US

Possibly the most poignant suggestion that can be given to aid your search for the best work boot whether waterproof and steel-toed or not is this… don’t go cheap. Your feet are definitely your friends. You only have two of them and they are not making any new ones. You don’t need to buy the most expensive pair of work boots in the store, but if you are going to be putting your feet in harm’s way, treat them well and give them the protection and comfort you can. The best waterproof steel-toe work boots keep feet happy and happy feet keep working!

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